Pre-transactional expertise

pre-transactional expertiseDepending on your browser program, your ship is assessed according to various parameters and its references. A diagnosis is made by taking into account the condition of the vessel, its maintenance, its history. If you stand as a buyer, the expert will advise you on your purchase; identify anomalies, and establish you an expert report stating the fault back by the seller before the transaction. This can avoid unpleasant discoveries that will cause an additional cost to your purchase. Note that this kind of expertise is often requested by insurance companies for vessels 10 years and over.

Position of seller, your ship will be measured at fair price, ensuring a quicker sale with the support, a survey report will be likely to give more confidence to your buyer.

Expertise in value

Expertise in valueMore detailed than the pre-transactional expertise, expertise in value meets specifications much more accurate. The entire ship is checked in every detail, all equipment is checked and tested. Checks are carried out to control the dry condition of the hull, the absence of osmosis, the state of the line of propulsion, and flow through tests. The ship requires a preparedness to perform these checks must be current on maintenance and navigation of its securities, insured, and have her on board safety equipment. In all cases, the tests are conducted under the responsibility of the owner. These operations may require the removal of certain equipment in order to carry out their audit.

Expertise in disaster

Expertise in disasterIf your vessel is subject to an accident, your insurance will put a marine surveyor of their choice in charge of making an estimate of the damage. In case of disagreement, you may request a second opinion will be against your charge, but for which you have your choice of expert.


LitigationIf you are being billed abusive work or not made in the rules of art, you can appeal to an expert who will check the validity of the invoice or (and) good execution of work ordered.

In the opposite case, professionals will appoint an expert to arbitrate a dispute with their client, quality and compliance of the work or the amount of the invoice produced.

Monitoring work

Monitoring workWhether resulting from an accident or your initiative, C2EM can assist you, advise you and even assist you in monitoring the completion of your work.

The simple installation or replacement of equipment, cure hull against osmosis, refit, or major structural work requiring discounts compliance, we can provide the answer to your questions. We can also monitor your new boat construction and ensure its compliance with safety rules.


OsmosisWe are able to detect, determine the repair process, and monitor the work of processing your hull.

Equipped with powerful hardware means we can make a thorough survey of your quickwork to detect and prevent problems of osmosis. Indeed, the phenomenon treated in time and in the rules of art, gives your ship a second youth and significantly improves the initial protection of polyester.

The expertise of departure is to raise the humidity of your hull, and a diagnosis of severity of the problem if it exists. A upstream probe cardinal plan should be developed to locate faulty parts and ensure the relevance of the points raised. After a report is made. This specifies the extent of the phenomenon and the processing procedure to perform.

In a second step, the client can trust the expert consulting firms to get a quote, job tracking, and publishing a report at the end of treatment. The choice of materials and their implementation remains the responsibility of the repairer.