Ship design


We can offer a comprehensive service including all plans, folder stability calculations, managing your administrative file construction.

We also act in all partial studies, whether the transformation of your ship, change operating or simply an upgrade.

We can also provide help for operations compliance, which you can requested by maritime authorities under the regulations. This may be particularly necessary when buying a second-hand vessel from another country, which is not subject to the same regulations in New Caledonia.

Areas of Expertise


  • Ships polyester
  • Recreational and professional
  • Engine only
  • Up to 35 meters

Benefits and Services

Non-exhaustive list of services that can be offered :

  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Plan forms
  • Longitudinal structure plan
  • Transverse structure plan
  • Map superstructures
  • Plan wheelhouse
  • Plan freeboard
  • Plan details various
  • Circuit diagram EMR
  • Circuit Diagram dry – fire
  • Circuit diagram of fuel
  • Fixed pattern of extinction
  • Implementation plan engine
  • Implementation plan of engine compartment
  • Management plans
  • Bailout and security
  • Elements hydrostatic pantocarènes
  • Record intact stability
  • File damage stability
  • Experience stability
  • Folder Security Administration (central ship safety)
  • Record radio ANFR (National Agency of Frequencies)
  • Folder and visa Bureau Veritas
  • Administrative record gauge
  • Etc.


  • HP Workstation
  • Dual 24-inch screen
  • HP Plotter A0
  • HP workstation laptop
  • A3 color laser printer HP
  • Autocad
  • Rhino Software
  • Argos Software
  • Software Stability VeriSTAR


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