Technical response to the well Valuations


The expert and expertise

Unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries that would not even consider to buy a boat without the help of an expert, in France, this reflex has not yet been entered in the customs, or at least, it is just beginning.

The expert’s role is primarily to provide a technical response to appraise the property, in order to decide on the capacity of the ship to sail, its compliance with applicable regulations, the state, its market value. This can be likened to a technical inspection.

The expert must respect professional ethics. It should be neutral, independent, and remain objective regardless of the mission entrusted to him. He must first withdraw from any expertise that does not fit in its jurisdiction, or where appropriate, to use a sapiteur.

The expertise is not yet a regulated profession, it is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the skills and abilities of the expert to realize its application in accordance with its mission statement.

In which case a call an expert ?

Whether you sell your ship or to purchase a second-hand vessel, C2EM offers his help and experience to make a good choice. Even if the support of an expert has a cost at first, in most cases, this cost is absorbed not only by the inconvenience that might have been avoided, but also reporting a priori equipment to be replaced or work to be performed by the owner before the sale. A problem not detected on your ship can quickly increase the bill dramatically, which in the end will be higher than if you had called an expert.

Our offer is also positioned in Prevention Research osmosis. An appropriate method and the use of specific equipment and recognized expert give all the information necessary to detect the presence of osmosis on hull. Closely monitored by an expert will guarantee good treatment conditions of your hull, and give him back a second youth.

Areas of Expertise


  • Ships polyester and wood
  • Recreational and professional
  • Up to 35 meters
  • Engine only
  • Under 25 years

Recommended interventions

Missions of maritime expertise and can take different forms in different contexts involved.

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Benefits and Services

Non-exhaustive list of services that can be offered :



  • Tester temperature and humidity VOLTCRAFT HT 200
  • Digital Sound Level Meter SL VOLTCRAFT 200
  • Endoscope VOLTCRAFT BS-22
  • Thickness gauge non-magnetic layer CONRAD SDM 115
  • Infrared Thermometer IR 900-30S VOLTCRAFT
  • RCD tester VOLTCRAFT VC-34
  • Rotating magnetic field tester Testboy TV 410N
  • CONRAD calibrated multimeter VC 820
  • Fluke 411D Laser Rangefinder
  • Meters, calipers …
  • Auto multimeter AT CONRAD400
  • Moisture tester Quantum Marine Moisture Meter (SOVEREIGN)
  • Durometer BARCOL
  • VOLTCRAFT laser tachometer DT 10L
  • Amperometric clamp VOLTCRAFT VC 531
  • SONY Recorder ICD MX20
  • LUMIX digital camera
  • HP laptop
  • Portable printer CANON
  • Battery tester
  • Handset weighs acid / antifreeze
  • Laser Level
  • Gas detector VOLTCRAFT


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