OsmosisWe are able to detect, determine the repair process, and monitor the work of processing your hull.

Equipped with powerful hardware means we can make a thorough survey of your quickwork to detect and prevent problems of osmosis. Indeed, the phenomenon treated in time and in the rules of art, gives your ship a second youth and significantly improves the initial protection of polyester.

The expertise of departure is to raise the humidity of your hull, and a diagnosis of severity of the problem if it exists. A upstream probe cardinal plan should be developed to locate faulty parts and ensure the relevance of the points raised. After a report is made. This specifies the extent of the phenomenon and the processing procedure to perform.

In a second step, the client can trust the expert consulting firms to get a quote, job tracking, and publishing a report at the end of treatment. The choice of materials and their implementation remains the responsibility of the repairer.