Monitoring work

Monitoring workWhether resulting from an accident or your initiative, C2EM can assist you, advise you and even assist you in monitoring the completion of your work.

The simple installation or replacement of equipment, cure hull against osmosis, refit, or major structural work requiring discounts compliance, we can provide the answer to your questions. We can also monitor your new boat construction and ensure its compliance with safety rules.

Some achievements in the Shipyard Croisicais


3 Trawlers 16.00 m, 13.00 m trawler, Caseyeur of 16.00 m, 19.00 m Caseyeur trawler 19.00 m, 20.00 m trawler, two trawlers 14.50 m, 25.00 m trawler, trawler 12 11.00 m, 6 trawlers 9.00 m, 3 stars of 10.00 m, 12.00 m 2 trawlers, 1 gillnetter of 17.00 m, 16.00 m 3 stars, 3 stars of 17.00 m, 18.00 m 4 longliners, 1 Caseyeur of 12.00 m … 1 oceanographic vessel 11.50 m and many changes and revisions on various ships

At the request of certain shipowners, special studies were also carried out for the following back into compliance or safety standards in force for stability.

See a few pictures here.